FRES has a process through which all potential adopters must proceed before adopting a ferret. Some of these ferrets have been through many homes already, and FRES wants to do their part to ensure that these ferrets finally get the permanent home they deserve.

Pre-Screen Questionnaire

The hotline volunteer will go through a pre-screen questionnaire with you. This takes approximately 15 minutes and gives us an idea of your experience with ferrets, your reasons for wanting one, and your knowledge about caring for a ferret. We do this to learn a little bit about you, your lifestyle, and to give us an idea of which foster ferret would best suit your home.

If you would like one of our volunteers to contact you for a pre-screen, please click here. Please include your full name and evening phone number in the body of the email. Or complete our online application by clicking here.

In-Home Assessment

Our adoption coordinator will visit your home to ensure that your house is ferret proofed. For first time owners this step can be especially helpful since our volunteers can not only point out the potential dangers and hidey-holes but also offer great advice on how to ferret proof these areas within your home. To see the in-home checklist our volunteers use as a guide, please click here.

Our volunteers will determine the eligibility of potential adopters by making all of their decisions in the best interest of the ferrets based on their experience and on our In-Home Checklist. Any person not approved will be notified and given the reason as to why hey are being turned down for adoption.

Meet the Foster Ferrets

Our adoption coordinator will review the ferrets available for adoption and give the adopter the choice of meeting any of the foster ferrets that are suitable for their home. Please remember that not all approved adopters are suitable for all ferrets, and vice versa. FRES tries to match the right ferret with the right family based on both the ferret's needs and the family's lifestyle.

Finalize the Adoption

Adoptions must be finalized within ten days of the successful meeting between the approved adopter and the chosen foster ferrets. Our adoption coordinator will go over the Adoption Contract with you before you sign the agreement. The adoption fee includes a veterinary examination, completed vaccinations and a microchip. Adoption fees are as follows:

$100 - all ferrets over the age of 1 year

$150 - all ferrets under the age of 1 year

$50 - special medical needs ferrets (i.e. a ferret that has received adrenal surgery, one with insulinoma or monthly lupron requirements)

In the case of bonded pairs or groups, the adoption fee will be paid in full for the first ferret in the group (with the highest adoption fee) with a 20% discount applied to the remaining ferrets in the group.

After the Adoption

FRES encourages adopters to call with any questions they have about their family's new addition(s). FRES would much prefer a phone call at an odd hour than not being able to help out a worried new parent or a ferret in potential trouble.

Out of Town Adoptions

Out of town adoptions can be completed by FRES with the help of the adoptive family. The process remains the same as outlined above but we ask that the in-home assessment be performed by the adoptive family providing FRES with photos of the areas the ferret(s) will be allowed access to. FRES does require the out of town adoptive family to travel to Calgary to finalize the adoption and any current ferret(s) must be brought so that we can ensure the ferrets will get along. FRES will not ship ferrets.