FRES relies on the love and compassion of foster families to care for the ferrets rescued by, or surrendered to, our organization. Potential foster families must go through the same screening process as our potential adopters with the added requirement of becoming a member. Our foster families are varied in their experience with ferrets and FRES will match a foster ferret to your experience. Being a foster family is a 24/7 job. Sometimes it is heartbreaking, but the joy of seeing a ferret recover from an illness, play and "dook" for the first time, or begin to trust humans is the ultimate reward of fostering. We are in need of foster homes that have previous ferret experience and are able to work with ferrets with special medical and behavioural issues. If you have no previous ferret experience you will not be declined but you may have to wait longer for us to find a fit for a first time family.

Our approved foster families are responsible for:

  • caring for the foster ferret as you would your own
  • asking questions if you are unsure about any information related to ferrets, the foster ferret(s), or the Society
  • informing FRES of any medical problems/illnesses that arise during the fostering period
  • transporting the foster ferret(s) to and from their veterinary appointments as well as notifying FRES if the appointment needs to be cancelled and re-scheduled (you must have your own vehicle for transporting ferrets to and from all appointments)
  • informing FRES when you begin to run low on any of the supplies we have provided for the ferret(s)
  • informing FRES if you are interested in adopting your foster ferret(s) as soon as you have made the decision
  • informing FRES if you are going out of town so alternate fostering arrangements can be made
  • fostering the ferret until the time of adoption (any exceptions are to be discussed with a FRES representative)
  • use the consumable supplies we have provided for FRES ferrets only

FRES is responsible for:

  • providing the foster ferret(s) with all basic supplies necessary to care for a ferret
  • bringing supplies to the foster home when we are notified that supplies are low
  • booking veterinary appointments for the foster ferret(s) as needed
  • addressing any of the foster family concerns about the foster ferret(s)
  • asking if you are interested in adopting your foster ferret(s) before allowing other potential adopters to view the ferret(s)
  • actively working towards finding the foster ferret(s) a loving, safe adoptive home if the foster family is not interested in adopting

If you would like to join the FRES foster team, please email