Our People

Our People

Andrea C.

Email: fres@ferrets.ca

Andrea has owned ferrets since 2003 and also has a cat and a horse in addition to her FRES foster ferrets. Andrea became involved in FRES in 2005 when she saw a need to help educate the public about ferrets and to help bring recognition to the FRES name.

Lori W.

Email: fres@ferrets.ca

When Lori became involved with FRES as a foster home, she had no idea how it would change her life. The compassion, commitment and drive of FRES compelled her to become involved in bettering the lives of ferrets in our community. She currently shares her home with cats, birds, fish, a ferret of her own (adopted from FRES) and also her foster ferrets. Lori has a Certified Management Accountant designation and is employed in the oil and gas industry. Lori's goal is to educate people to understand the needs of ferrets and hopes that someday all ferrets will lead rewarding lives as members of loving homes.

Jacci B.
Fundraising Director

Email: fres@ferrets.ca

Jacci became involved with FRES by volunteering regularly at our bingo fundraising events. While she doesn't have any ferrets of her own, Jacci wanted to help by bringing forward some new and exciting fundraising ideas.

Jen C.
Education Director

Email: fres@ferrets.ca
Jen also started out as a foster home prior to joining the board of FRES. She comes to us from Ontario where she used to volunteer with the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa and Area.

Ina B.

Email: fres@ferrets.ca

Ina became involved with FRES after meeting us at the Calgary Pet Expo. Her family has since adopted and helps FRES out by opening their home to foster ferrets in need. Ina and her husband Rick can often be found helping out at our bingo fundraising events.


FRES is the proud recipient of the Community Spirit Grant for the past 2 years running. The Community Spirit Grant helps to support our foster program.


• Educating the public about the needs of these unique animals.
• Enriching the lives of all ferrets in the Calgary area.
• To help find forever homes for all ferrets in need.
• To provide the best care for all ferrets.

“If you can’t have one in your home, have one in your heart”