The decision to surrender your ferret can be a difficult one, and the reasons for having to do so are very different.  If you are thinking of surrendering your ferret, please call our emergency line at 403-483-6111.  Our volunteer will assist you with any questions you may have about the process, and after discussing your situation with you may be able to provide you with some new options.


If you decide to surrender your ferret to FRES, you will need to complete three forms:

Surrender Agreement

Legally signs the ferret over to FRES' care and ownership.

Surrender Information Form

Provides FRES with information about the ferret, its medical background, temperament, and favorite toys/treats etc.

Veterinary Records Release Form

Veterinarians are not allowed to release veterinary records to anyone but the pet's owner. Completing this form legally provides FRES with access to any veterinary records for your ferret(s). A thorough and accurate veterinary history helps our veterinarians provide the best care possible for your ferret

Once your ferret is surrendered to FRES, he/she will be placed into a FRES approved foster home where a loving foster family will care for them before they are adopted. You have the option of being notified once your ferret is adopted.

To make the transition as un-stressful as possible for your ferret:

  1. Surrender your ferret's belongings with them since these items are familiar to them.
  2. Bring some of your ferret's food so that if we need to change the food, we may do so slowly, reducing the chance of a ferret belly ache.
  3. Keep cagemates together; if you surrender your ferrets together they will be kept in the same foster home and adopted out together as a pair or group.